Why Do Sloths Move Slowly? It’s About Survival

In today’s fast-paced world, speed seems to be so important to so many people. We have fast cars, fast computers, fast cell phones, fast internet connections, fast planes, fast trains, fast food… I could go on and on for awhile here. As if things aren’t already fast enough, more work is being done to make the world even faster. And then we have sloths… quite the opposite! They do almost everything in their lives at a slow, slow, slow pace. Why is this? Why do sloths move slowly? In this article, I will attempt to answer this question by going Read More

Where Do Sloths Live? Look Up…..Look Way Up!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Where do sloths live?” After all, there are not many animals on the planet that move slower than the sloth, and there is not a mammal on the planet that moves slower than the sloth. So, they can’t just live anywhere, as there would be far too many threats to their survival. Fortunately, it appears that sloths have this figured out, at least to a certain extent. In another article, “Cool Sloth Facts – Learn About Them & Love Them”, I presented a general description of where sloths live (in the trees….way, way up Read More

Different Types Of Sloths – How Many Are There?

When thinking about sloths, are they all the same or are there different types of sloths? Previously, I assumed that a sloth was a sloth was a sloth, but I now know that this is not the case. There are actually six species of sloths, which are divided into two categories: two-toed and three-toed. In the two-toed category, you have Hoffman’s and Linnaeus’s. For three-toed sloths, you have Brown-throated, Maned, Pale-throated, and Pygmy varieties. From a “technical” perspective, all sloths have three toes, but the two-toed ones only have two fingers. Kind of confusing, I know! In this article, I Read More

Evolution Of Sloths – A Bit Of History

Has the gentle, lovable, adorable sloth always been a slow-moving, tree-dwelling creature? It may be difficult to imagine the sloth any other way (it sure is for me), but in today’s article I am going to discuss evolution of sloths and will present some information that may surprise some people. Specifically, I will focus on the evolutionary time period as it pertains to sloths, discuss some of the different species of sloths that existed during this time, and put forward some questions to possibly consider thinking about.   How Long Have Sloths Been Around? In one form of species or Read More

Are Sloths Dangerous? Is This Even Possible?

When I look at pictures or watch videos of sloths, I see an adorable, gentle, lovable, wonderful creature that moves so slowly that I can’t imagine it would ever be dangerous to anyone or anything. However, I also see claws on them that remind me of the Marvel Comics characters Wolverine, Venom, and Romulus. So, are sloths dangerous? In this article, I will dig deeper and discuss whether or not sloths are dangerous when they’re around humans, whether or not they’re dangerous when they’re being touched or held by humans, whether or not they’re dangerous when they’re around other animals, Read More

Are Sloths Endangered? The Sad Reality

How safe and secure is the sloth’s future? Sadly, this gentle and lovable creature is in trouble. This article will discuss the question, “Are sloths endangered?” and will hopefully provide an answer, as well as some information for you. I am going to discuss the different species of sloths that exist, which sloths are in the most trouble, some of the threats that sloths face, why May 21st, 2021 is an important date, and what we can all do to help the wonderful sloth.   Six Species, One Special Mammal There are six species of sloths that can be found Read More

Cool Sloth Facts – Learn About Them & Love Them

Sloths. Those adorable creatures that so many people have fallen in love with, myself included. There are sloth memes, sloth GIFs, sloth baby shower themes, sloth food themes, sloth shirts, sloth plates, sloth keychains, sloth stuffed toys, sloth exhibits, sloth rescue videos… the list could go on and on for quite some time. How much do you know about these gentle mammals? Do you know where they live? Do you know how slowly they move? Do you know whether or not they can swim? In this post, I will share some cool sloth facts with you in an attempt to Read More

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