Sloth Dog Toys – For Man’s (And Woman’s and Child’s) Best Friend

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Anyone that owns (or has ever owned) a dog knows that they each have their own unique personalities. I remember our family dog very well – a wonderful Golden Retriever named “Spencer”. True to his retriever breed, Spencer loved to bring something when he greeted someone – a toy, a sock, a ball, a slipper, a stick, a branch…..pretty much anything that he could find and that he could hold in his mouth. If Spencer was still with us today, I wonder what he would have thought of the product that Read More

Life Span Of A Sloth – How Long Are We Blessed With Them?

The adorable and lovable sloth can be found living in the rainforests of Central and South America, as well as in a number of zoos and rescue facilities. So many people have fallen in love with this wonderful creature (myself included) and I believe that the world is a better place with them being in it. I also believe that as humans, we can learn a thing or two from them about slowing down and enjoying life a little bit more. Have you ever wondered about the life span of a sloth? After all, they eat mostly leaves and are Read More

Sloth Books – Review Of “Sloth Wisdom” Mini Book

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My site,, is devoted to the adorable and lovable sloth. On this site, I write articles about these wonderful creatures in an attempt to educate readers. I also encourage readers to slow down and enjoy their lives more, even if only a little bit – to try to be a little bit more like the sloth. I have now started to write product reviews on sloth-related products and today’s article is my first one. Specifically, today’s article is a review of a mini book called Sloth Wisdom, one of many Read More

Can Sloths Be Pets? They Are So Cute, But…..

How many people have considered having a sloth as a pet? After all, they are gentle, lovable, adorable creatures. They are the slowest-moving mammal (and one of the slowest-moving animals) on the planet, so there is very little chance that a pet sloth would ever make a mad dash and escape, chasing after the kids in the neighbourhood. They eat mostly leaves, so food costs should be very low, shouldn’t they? So, can sloths be pets? In this article, I will explore this idea further in an attempt to come up with an answer to this question. I will do Read More

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