Sheep Wool Dryer Balls – Introducing Sloth Squad Eco Dryer Balls From Friendsheep

**Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.** Full disclosure. As the world (and the people in it) have adapted and changed over the years, I am happy to see a greater emphasis on environmental awareness now than what was seen in the past. It is encouraging for me to see companies that are placing a larger focus on environmental considerations, as looking after our planet is extremely important and has significant impacts on the people and the animals that live here. In this article, I am going to be reviewing eco-friendly sheep wool dryer balls Read More

Sloth Shirts – Introducing Sidney The Sloth From Inkopious

**Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.** Full disclosure. There are so many sloth shirts available to purchase these days (I happen to own some of them myself…..imagine that!). In today’s article, I will focus on one of those shirts in particular, and will provide a review of it. I will do so by discussing the company that makes it, going into more detail about certain features of it, and discussing my pros and cons regarding it. At the end of it all, I will have hopefully provided all the information that you’ll need if Read More

How Big Are Sloths? Here Is Some Info For You

Many people seem to associate sloths with slow movement – and if they do, they would indeed be correct as sloths are the slowest-moving mammal (and one of the slowest-moving animals) on the planet. However, have you ever wondered how big they are? Have you every wondered how long are they? They don’t look very athletic, so perhaps you are wondering how much they weigh. This article will answer these questions, as well as the general question of, “How big are sloths?” I will begin this article by discussing the different types of sloths that currently exist and how big Read More

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