Sloth Sleeping Habits – How Much Is Enough For Them?

As humans, we all need to perform certain activities in order to survive. One of those activities is sleeping (I know I love my sleep!). But what about sloths? Do sloths need sleep like humans do? What are sloth sleeping habits? There is sometimes an assumption that sloths lie around and sleep most of their days away, but is this actually true? In this article, I will answer these questions for you by discussing sleep that humans require in order to survive, comparing that to how much sleep sloths get, and then making sleep comparisons with other animals. At the Read More

Sloth Predators – There Are Several Of Them

Predators and prey…’s all part of the animal kingdom and the ecosystem. As part of this animal kingdom, we have sloths, who are one of the slowest-moving animals on the planet. Because of this fact, one might assume that sloths would be easy targets for all animals. However, this is not necessarily the case as sloth predators can have difficulties going after their sloth prey. That is what this article is going to be discussing – predators of sloths. I will do so by discussing predators that are from the animal kingdom, as well as discussing how sloths are able Read More

Where Are Sloths Found? Let’s Take A Look At This

With so many sloth images, videos, memes, GIFs, products, etc., it seems like sloths are very popular these days. And for good reason: they are cute, adorable, lovable, gentle, wonderful creatures. As the owner of, I write articles in an attempt to educate my readers about this incredible animal. In today’s article, I am going to focus on trying to answer the question, “Where are sloths found?” I will do so by first discussing some sloth history, then going on to discuss some places where sloths can be found today. At the end of it all, I hope to Read More

Sloth Face Masks – How Cute Is This!

**Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.** Full disclosure. With COVID-19 being introduced to the world, many more people have been wearing face masks (there are even sloth face masks on the market, which I think are so cute). Being an essential front-line worker at my full-time job, I was (and still am) required to wear face masks during my shifts at work. This mask-wearing stuff was all new to me at the beginning of the pandemic, but I quickly realized how important it is to protect each other and I have had no issue Read More

Happy Animal Rescue Stories – Some Good News (For A Change)

With so much negativity on the news around the world, it seems to me that we could all use more good news in our lives. And who wouldn’t want to hear more good news about animals? I know that I always do. That is what this article is going to be about – good news about animals, specifically about happy animal rescue stories. Even though my website is All About Sloths, I love all animals and do sometimes write about animals other than sloths. This is one such article, which is going to present some animal rescue stories (including some Read More

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