Are Sloths Friendly? Let’s Find Out

Sloths are so many things. They are gentle. They are lovable. They are adorable. They are very, very, very slow! But are sloths friendly? After all, as wonderful as sloths are, they are still wild animals. Well, we are going to attempt to find out the answer to this question as that is what this article is going to be about. I will work towards arriving at our answer in the following manner: first, I will talk a bit about the personality of a sloth and how they are amongst themselves; then, I will discuss how sloths behave around humans; Read More

Sloth Brain – Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside

As I have been researching and writing articles on this website, I have come across a number of comments regarding sloths and how intelligent they are (or how unintelligent some people think that sloths are). In this article, I am going to discuss the sloth brain in a bit more detail as I attempt to discover just how intelligent they actually are. I will go about writing this article in the following manner: first, I will present some of the comments that I have come across regarding sloths and their intelligence; next, I will discuss some information about the brains Read More

What Is A Sloth Related To? Besides Me, That Is!

When looking at one’s own ancestry, it may be interesting (and surprising) to see where some of our relatives originally came from, what they did with their lives, etc. Like humans, animals have their own ancestors and their own evolutionary journeys that they have taken, too. In this article, I am going to discuss sloths specifically and answer the question, “What is a sloth related to?”. As I discuss this topic further, I will write this article in the following way: first, I will talk a bit about a few groups of animals; then, I will discuss which animals sloths Read More

Do Sloths Die When They Poop? What?!?!

What kind of question is that – do sloths die when they poop? Initially, the question may seem like a random, strange, and crazy one to ask – and perhaps it is. However, after doing some research, I have discovered some information that I found quite interesting (and that I hope you do, too). So, that is the topic of this article and it will be written in the following way: I will discuss how sloths go about “doing their business”, I will talk about a huge risk that sloths face when doing that business, and I will end with Read More

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