Sloth Brain – Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside

As I have been researching and writing articles on this website, I have come across a number of comments regarding sloths and how intelligent they are (or how unintelligent some people think that sloths are). In this article, I am going to discuss the sloth brain in a bit more detail as I attempt to discover just how intelligent they actually are. I will go about writing this article in the following manner: first, I will present some of the comments that I have come across regarding sloths and their intelligence; next, I will discuss some information about the brains Read More

What Is A Sloth Related To? Besides Me, That Is!

When looking at one’s own ancestry, it may be interesting (and surprising) to see where some of our relatives originally came from, what they did with their lives, etc. Like humans, animals have their own ancestors and their own evolutionary journeys that they have taken, too. In this article, I am going to discuss sloths specifically and answer the question, “What is a sloth related to?”. As I discuss this topic further, I will write this article in the following way: first, I will talk a bit about a few groups of animals; then, I will discuss which animals sloths Read More

Do Sloths Die When They Poop? What?!?!

What kind of question is that – do sloths die when they poop? Initially, the question may seem like a random, strange, and crazy one to ask – and perhaps it is. However, after doing some research, I have discovered some information that I found quite interesting (and that I hope you do, too). So, that is the topic of this article and it will be written in the following way: I will discuss how sloths go about “doing their business”, I will talk about a huge risk that sloths face when doing that business, and I will end with Read More

Sloth Noises – What Do Sloths (And Some Other Animals) Sound Like?

Have you ever wondered about what noises certain animals make? Dogs bark, cats meow, cows moo, etc. but with so many animals on the planet making so many noises, there must be some that make quite the interesting ones! As the owner of, I have made the topic of this particular article sloth noises, which I will discuss in a little bit of detail. In addition to noises of sloths, I will also discuss the noises of some other animals, as well as presenting a list of some animals that do not emit noises vocally. At the end of Read More

Sloth Vs Koala – So Similar In So Many Ways

Even though I write mostly about sloths on this website, I do love all animals and will sometimes write about animals other than sloths. In this particular article, I will combine writing about sloths with writing about another animal – specifically, the koala. Sloth vs koala is the topic of this article and in it, I will do some comparisons between these two wonderful animals. As I write this article, I am going to move through it in the following manner: first, I am going to describe sloths in a bit of detail; then, I am going to describe koalas Read More

Sloth And Algae Symbiotic Relationship – What Is This About?

When looking at pictures or watching videos of sloths, what have you noticed and observed about them? How cute they are? How slowly they move? What about, “Hey, why do sloths have a green color to them?”. I wonder how many people have asked themselves that question. Well, this green color is actually algae and there is a reason that it is there – a sloth and algae symbiotic relationship exists and I will go into more details regarding that in this article. I will do so in the following manner: first, I will discuss why algae would be on Read More

Define Slothful – My Name May Be Part Of The Definition

When you hear or see the word “slothful”, what comes to your mind? Is it a person that is lazy, slow, and unmotivated? Perhaps you picture a sloth slowly moving along in the trees. Some people may even instantly think of me! So, how about we define slothful and see how our perceptions match up with reality. That is what this article is going to be about. I will write this article in the following manner: first, I will come up with a definition of slothful. Then, I will discuss if an animal that is given the name of “sloth” Read More

Is A Sloth A Bear? Hmmmm…..Let’s Look Into This

Sloths are so many things – cute, adorable, gentle, lovable, wonderful…..just to name a few. Bears are so many things, too. There is also an animal known as a sloth bear. So, is a sloth a bear? Is a sloth bear a bear? These are the questions that I am going to attempt to answer in this article. I will make this attempt by discussing a little bit about sloths, presenting the sloth bear and talking a little bit about it, and then making some comparisons between sloths and sloth bears. When all is said and done, I hope to Read More

Endangered Animals In The Rainforest – This Makes Me Sad

Animals are so important to the ecosystem and to the health of our planet (and to all humans), possibly more important than so many people realize. Sadly, so many of these animals are in trouble, with many of them being endangered. Endangered animals in the rainforest is the topic of this particular article as I present some more information regarding this. I will present this information in the following manner: first, I will provide some information about rainforests in general, I will then discuss why and how animals are so important to these rainforests, and finally I will present a Read More

Sloth Games Online – They Didn’t Have These When I Was A Kid

As part of my “younger years”, I can recall video games being a fun part of my life back then. Even though I did not know much (if anything) about sloths back then, I know that there were not any sloth games online…..there was not even an online! “Back in my day”, video games could be found in various businesses in my city including arcades, billiard halls, our bowling alleys, and some convenience stores – but there was no such thing as the Internet back then. If there had been, I imagine that I would have played a lot more Read More

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