Sloth Brain – Let’s Take A Look At What’s Inside

As I have been researching and writing articles on this website, I have come across a number of comments regarding sloths and how intelligent they are (or how unintelligent some people think that sloths are). In this article, I am going to discuss the sloth brain in a bit more detail as I attempt to discover just how intelligent they actually are. I will go about writing this article in the following manner: first, I will present some of the comments that I have come across regarding sloths and their intelligence; next, I will discuss some information about the brains Read More

Why Do Sloths Have Long Claws? Let’s Examine The Reasons

Sloths are known by many people for many things, some of which include slowness of movement, their cuteness, and their long claws. I could go on and on for quite some time about their cuteness, but in this particular article, I am going to go into more detail regarding their claws as I attempt to answer the question, “Why do sloths have long claws?”. I will do so by discussing and describing sloth claws in some detail, I will explain what their claws are used for, I will discuss how evolution and adaptation has resulted in the way sloths’ claws Read More

Do Sloths Have Tails? Let’s Learn A Bit About This

As random as it may sound, have you ever thought about the anatomy of a sloth? They seem to be known by many people for moving slowly and for having claws (and for being sooooooo cute)…..but what about other features of them? For example, do sloths have tails? In this article, I am going to examine this further and provide an answer to this question. I will do so by presenting some information about the anatomy of a sloth, discussing whether or not sloths have tails, talking about some animals that have long tails, and also talking about some animals Read More

How Big Are Sloths? Here Is Some Info For You

Many people seem to associate sloths with slow movement – and if they do, they would indeed be correct as sloths are the slowest-moving mammal (and one of the slowest-moving animals) on the planet. However, have you ever wondered how big they are? Have you every wondered how long are they? They don’t look very athletic, so perhaps you are wondering how much they weigh. This article will answer these questions, as well as the general question of, “How big are sloths?” I will begin this article by discussing the different types of sloths that currently exist and how big Read More

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