Yoga With A Sloth – Is This For Real?!?!

  The time that we have on this planet is limited, so I believe that it is important to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. As part of this, many people have incorporated yoga into their lives. Yoga has quite a number of potential health benefits, but when I came across information about yoga with a sloth, I was somewhat taken aback. Before doing my research for this article, I admit that I knew very, very little about yoga. I had seen some images of people in parks, doing yoga stretches and poses. Watching these movements, the individuals Read More

Are Sloths Friendly? Let’s Find Out

Sloths are so many things. They are gentle. They are lovable. They are adorable. They are very, very, very slow! But are sloths friendly? After all, as wonderful as sloths are, they are still wild animals. Well, we are going to attempt to find out the answer to this question as that is what this article is going to be about. I will work towards arriving at our answer in the following manner: first, I will talk a bit about the personality of a sloth and how they are amongst themselves; then, I will discuss how sloths behave around humans; Read More

Sloth Noises – What Do Sloths (And Some Other Animals) Sound Like?

Have you ever wondered about what noises certain animals make? Dogs bark, cats meow, cows moo, etc. but with so many animals on the planet making so many noises, there must be some that make quite the interesting ones! As the owner of, I have made the topic of this particular article sloth noises, which I will discuss in a little bit of detail. In addition to noises of sloths, I will also discuss the noises of some other animals, as well as presenting a list of some animals that do not emit noises vocally. At the end of Read More

Sloth And Algae Symbiotic Relationship – What Is This About?

When looking at pictures or watching videos of sloths, what have you noticed and observed about them? How cute they are? How slowly they move? What about, “Hey, why do sloths have a green color to them?”. I wonder how many people have asked themselves that question. Well, this green color is actually algae and there is a reason that it is there – a sloth and algae symbiotic relationship exists and I will go into more details regarding that in this article. I will do so in the following manner: first, I will discuss why algae would be on Read More

Define Slothful – My Name May Be Part Of The Definition

When you hear or see the word “slothful”, what comes to your mind? Is it a person that is lazy, slow, and unmotivated? Perhaps you picture a sloth slowly moving along in the trees. Some people may even instantly think of me! So, how about we define slothful and see how our perceptions match up with reality. That is what this article is going to be about. I will write this article in the following manner: first, I will come up with a definition of slothful. Then, I will discuss if an animal that is given the name of “sloth” Read More

Sloth Games Online – They Didn’t Have These When I Was A Kid

As part of my “younger years”, I can recall video games being a fun part of my life back then. Even though I did not know much (if anything) about sloths back then, I know that there were not any sloth games online…..there was not even an online! “Back in my day”, video games could be found in various businesses in my city including arcades, billiard halls, our bowling alleys, and some convenience stores – but there was no such thing as the Internet back then. If there had been, I imagine that I would have played a lot more Read More

Sloth Names – Scientific Ones & Cool Given Ones

I have many names for sloths – cute, gentle, adorable, lovable, wonderful. This article, however, will focus on sloth names, both scientific and given ones. I will begin by presenting the scientific names of sloths from today, then going on to present some scientific names of sloths from the past, and finally going on to some cool given names of sloths that my research uncovered for me. So, let the name game begin!   Scientific Names Of Sloths From Today There are six species of sloths, which are divided into two categories: two-toed and three-toed. From a biological/technical/scientific perspective, the Read More

Sloth Quotes – What Others Have Said

As the owner of, I usually write articles about those wonderful creatures. However, this article is going to be a bit different as it will present sloth quotes from others. Specifically, I will present quotes about sloths from a number of individuals, all from varying backgrounds. There will be quotes from a prime minister, an actor, a musician, a historian….even from a pirate! After presenting these quotes, I will dig deeper as I attempt to analyze the meaning of each quote, then going on to discuss how accurate each quote is, as well as giving my own opinion of Read More

Info On Sloths – Learn (More) About Them & Love Them (More)

When thinking about sloths, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? That they are slow-moving? That they are lazy? That they are lovable? That they are soooooooo cute? All of the above? Sloths are so many things (lazy is not one of them, by the way) and in this article, I will provide some info on sloths. Hopefully, you will learn a thing or two about them and love them like I do. In today’s article, I will discuss some sloth history, some sloth characteristics and behaviors, an important date for sloths, and some things to think Read More

Are Sloths Dangerous? Is This Even Possible?

When I look at pictures or watch videos of sloths, I see an adorable, gentle, lovable, wonderful creature that moves so slowly that I can’t imagine it would ever be dangerous to anyone or anything. However, I also see claws on them that remind me of the Marvel Comics characters Wolverine, Venom, and Romulus. So, are sloths dangerous? In this article, I will dig deeper and discuss whether or not sloths are dangerous when they’re around humans, whether or not they’re dangerous when they’re being touched or held by humans, whether or not they’re dangerous when they’re around other animals, Read More

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