Can Sloths Be Pets? They Are So Cute, But…..

How many people have considered having a sloth as a pet? After all, they are gentle, lovable, adorable creatures. They are the slowest-moving mammal (and one of the slowest-moving animals) on the planet, so there is very little chance that a pet sloth would ever make a mad dash and escape, chasing after the kids in the neighbourhood. They eat mostly leaves, so food costs should be very low, shouldn’t they? So, can sloths be pets? In this article, I will explore this idea further in an attempt to come up with an answer to this question. I will do Read More

Why Do Sloths Move Slowly? It’s About Survival

In today’s fast-paced world, speed seems to be so important to so many people. We have fast cars, fast computers, fast cell phones, fast internet connections, fast planes, fast trains, fast food… I could go on and on for awhile here. As if things aren’t already fast enough, more work is being done to make the world even faster. And then we have sloths… quite the opposite! They do almost everything in their lives at a slow, slow, slow pace. Why is this? Why do sloths move slowly? In this article, I will attempt to answer this question by going Read More

Are Sloths Dangerous? Is This Even Possible?

When I look at pictures or watch videos of sloths, I see an adorable, gentle, lovable creature that moves so slowly that I can’t imagine it would ever be dangerous to anyone or anything. However, I also see claws on them that remind me of the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. So, are sloths dangerous? In this article, I will dig deeper and discuss whether sloths are dangerous when they’re around humans, when they’re being touched or held, when they’re around other animals, and when they’re amongst other sloths.   Are Sloths Dangerous When They’re Around Humans? Generally speaking, sloths are Read More

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