Do Sloths Die When They Poop? What?!?!

What kind of question is that – do sloths die when they poop? Initially, the question may seem like a random, strange, and crazy one to ask – and perhaps it is. However, after doing some research, I have discovered some information that I found quite interesting (and that I hope you do, too). So, that is the topic of this article and it will be written in the following way: I will discuss how sloths go about “doing their business”, I will talk about a huge risk that sloths face when doing that business, and I will end with Read More

How Slow Are Sloths? Let’s Take A Look At This…..Slowly!

Sloths are known by many people for many things, including their cuteness, how adorable and lovable they are, and how wonderful they are. They are also known by many people for their slowness, which they most definitely are! But just how slow are sloths? That is what this article is going to address and discuss. I will do so by discussing why sloths move so slowly, how slowly they actually do move, and compare their speeds to the speeds of some other animals. At the end of it all, I hope to have educated and entertained you. So, let’s begin….. Read More

Do Sloths Eat? If So, What Do They Enjoy?

Animals (like humans) don’t all enjoy eating the same foods – and with all of the animals that are in the animal kingdom, I can only imagine how many meal varieties there are out there! Have you ever wondered about what foods different animals eat? In this article, I will look at sloths specifically (since I own and will attempt to answer the question, “Do sloths eat?” I will do so by presenting the different species of sloths that currently exist, discussing if some (or all) of them eat, talking about the eating habits of some extinct sloths from Read More

Sloth Sleeping Habits – How Much Is Enough For Them?

As humans, we all need to perform certain activities in order to survive. One of those activities is sleeping (I know I love my sleep!). But what about sloths? Do sloths need sleep like humans do? What are sloth sleeping habits? There is sometimes an assumption that sloths lie around and sleep most of their days away, but is this actually true? In this article, I will answer these questions for you by discussing sleep that humans require in order to survive, comparing that to how much sleep sloths get, and then making sleep comparisons with other animals. At the Read More

Why Do Sloths Move Slowly? It’s About Survival

In today’s fast-paced world, speed seems to be so important to so many people. We have fast cars, fast computers, fast cell phones, fast internet connections, fast planes, fast trains, fast food… I could go on and on for awhile here. As if things aren’t already fast enough, more work is being done to make the world even faster. And then we have sloths… quite the opposite! They do almost everything in their lives at a slow, slow, slow pace. Why is this? Why do sloths move slowly? In this article, I will attempt to answer this question by going Read More

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