Sloth Shirts – Introducing Sidney The Sloth From Inkopious

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There are so many sloth shirts available to purchase these days (I happen to own some of them myself…..imagine that!). In today’s article, I will focus on one of those shirts in particular, and will provide a review of it. I will do so by discussing the company that makes it, going into more detail about certain features of it, and discussing my pros and cons regarding it. At the end of it all, I will have hopefully provided all the information that you’ll need if you are considering purchasing this shirt for yourself or for someone else.

**Please note that the shirt that I am reviewing in this article may not be identical in every way to the one that is available through my affiliate link, but hopefully the two of them are similar enough that you’ll be able to make an informed purchasing decision based on the information that I have provided.**


Sloth Shirts – “Sidney The Sloth – Tri-Blend Unisex Crew Shirt” Review

  • Product: “Sidney The Sloth – Tri-Blend Unisex Crew Shirt**Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.** Full disclosure.
  • Materials Used: 50% REPREVE polyester from recycled plastic; 25% organic, US grown, combed, ring spun cotton; and 25% TENCEL Modal.
  • Weight of Fabric: 4.7 oz
  • Available from: Inkopious
  • Product Description on Inkopious website: “These sustainable fibers combine to create a soft, flexible, and smooth fabric which looks good plain and holds a great print. Each shirt uses 6 recycled poly water bottles and all fabric is spun, knitted, processed and finished in the USA. Each shirt is sewn in Haiti for a living wage.”
  • My Rating: 9½ out of 10


Info About The Company

Whenever I purchase products, I tend to feel good when I support small, family-run businesses, especially those that are run by people that love animals (like I do) and show environmental responsibility. Inkopious is one such company. According to their website, “We are a small family owned business located in beautiful Sonoma County, Ca. All designs are hand drawn, printed, and shipped by us. We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for everything printed and have a deep love for animals. What started out as a simple drawing of our English Bulldog, Diesel, has grown into a wide variety of clothing and home goods.”


Info About The Shirt

Elaborating on some of the features described above, here is some info about this particluar shirt:

  • 50% Repreve polyester from recycled plastic —> information from REPREVE’s website ( states, “Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. But now you can do something about it. REPREVE is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles). Buy products made with REPREVE to make a difference.” I think it’s great that six recycled poly water bottles were used to make this shirt.
  • 25% TENCEL Modal —> information from Tencel’s website ( states, “TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood.”


What I Like About This Shirt

There are many reasons why I like this particular sloth shirt, which are summarized as follows:

  • I like the company Inkopious and the people that own it.
  • I like the image and drawing of Sidney the Sloth on it (which was created in-house by artists at Inkopious).
  • I like the materials that the shirt is made of and the environmental responsibility that is shown.
  • I like the work that is done on the shirt in the USA, as well as the living wage that is paid to workers in Haiti to have the shirt sewn there.


Is There Anything Negative Here?

I realize that no product (just like no person) is perfect, so this is my thought regarding this…..some people may consider the price of this particular shirt to be higher than other shirts that are available. Each person has their own opinions regarding price (which I totally respect), but I like to look at factors beyond price, such as quality, materials, environmental considerations, the company itself, etc.

While I am certainly no expert on shirt quality, I do have many experiences of purchasing “cheap” shirts, only to find them not fitting comfortably, wearing out sooner than I had hoped for, etc. To me, the particular shirt in this review feels comfortable when I wear it (obviously, it will not fit everyone comfortably, but it did for me), it seems to me to be a quality product (I will be sure to keep this article updated as I wear and wash this shirt over the weeks and months ahead, while analyzing quality along the way), and I was fine paying the price that I did for it (although I do realize that not everyone would be).

***Please note that in this product review, I have provided my personal pros, cons, and opinions. Your list of pros, cons, and opinions is likely to be different than mine.***


My Rating: 9½ Sloths Out Of 10

In this product review, I introduced “Sidney the Sloth – Tri-Blend Unisex Crew Shirt” from Inkopious, I presented some information about the company (as well as about the shirt that this review is based on), and I discussed my personal pros and cons regarding the Sidney the Sloth shirt that I own. Overall, I like both the company and the shirt very much, and I have no problem giving both a very positive review and an overall rating of 9½ out of 10.

I hope that you have enjoyed my product review of “Sidney the Sloth – Tri-Blend Unisex Crew Shirt” and that I have provided some useful and helpful information for you. If you do happen to purchase this product, please share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with me regarding it. Thank you for reading this article and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

**Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.** Full disclosure.

**Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.** Full disclosure.

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  • Thank you for the amazing review of sloth t-shirts from inkopious. They seem like a really good quality of shirts as per your ratings for the material and make. These sloth t-shirt could be a really nice gift for a loved one in particularly for those who love sloths.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I agree with you that this shirt could be a really nice gift for a sloth lover. I quite like mine. 🙂

      Thank you for your comments.

      All the best,


  • Hello Michael, it’s really nice to see his article and I really like the shirt. There are people who would be read excited to get such a customised shirt and they really can’t. I had got one one-time ago but the shirt was of a really poor quality and since then I’ve stopped. How good is the quality of this shirt?

    • Michael Christmann says:

      Hello Justin,

      Thank you for your comments about my review.

      I, too, have purchased shirts that were of poor quality, so I totally understand how you feel about that.  As far as the quality of this particular shirt goes, here are my thoughts and my experiences with it thus far (keep in mind that I am certainly not an expert on shirt quality and have only very recently purchased it) – this particular shirt fits me comfortably (obviously, it will not fit everyone comfortably, but it does for me) and it seems to me to be a quality product (as I wear it and wash it more over the weeks and months ahead, I will get a better idea as to the quality of it over a longer period of time).

      I will be sure to keep my review of this shirt updated as I learn more about it going forward.

  • ReeceMichael says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderfully written artcile and have to admit that it meant such. These are some anime that needs our help and we need to save these wildlife so they don’t go around walking in our immediate environments or even go into extinction. I really like this top and I’ll glad to get for myself 

    • Michael Christmann says:

      Thank you for your kind words about my article, as well as your kind thoughts about animals in general.

      I agree that it is so important to save our animals today before they go extinct in the future, like so many already have.

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